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                      Hello people! I don't really know how to start with the introduction but it's better to start with a name!

My name is Pam! Even though i may be young, it's not like i can't write a sophisticated letter. (I'm turning 15)

MUSIC is basically my LIFE!! I love it! It's what keeps me going through my hardship in life.

I am easy to amuse. It doesn't really take much to make me smile or laugh. Jut say a random word and i would burst into laughter haha (i know, i am weird)

I live in Bossier city in Louisiana...IT'S SO  BORING  here!

I have been through a lot of hardship in life, some things that a teenager have never been through.

I think those things made me what i am today. I'm easy to get along and i put myself in other people's shoes.

I LOVE snail mail. My heart starts racing when i see a mail for me in the mail box! I also love to rip that letter open hehe.

Receiveing gifts and giving gifts are also fun! I put a lot of effort into buying gifts but they sometimes be useless.

I don't really care how old you are or what gender, i just hope that you won't just stop writing and abandon me *sad face*

I am an artsy slash hippie-ish. I always wanted to have blue streaks in my hair. I think that it would be really cool because of the contrast between my black hair and the blue-ness. I love photography, i think they're neat!!

Not trying to sound nerdy or anything but i do love anime and mangas. I don't get to watch or read them as much anymore but yes, i think they are really cool-io dude.

I am a deep thinker and not once will i take my life for granted anymore! O yea! I've been through a big depression before. I had them for a good 4 years but i over came that obstacle. I more happier and energetic...sometimes...hehe

I can keep a secret so they're safe with me! I'll guard it with my life!

...hmm...what else should i writing drifts from one page to three or more! I'm a neat writer so you won't have to worry about that....and...well...that's it!

Email the pamster at:
Hope i get to hear from you! I know that me and you would be awesome friends!!

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