Erich (gorilocks) wrote in writeme,

Name: Erich
Age: Almost 29
Date of Birth: 15.07.80
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Sign: Cancer
Location: Washington, MO USA
Occupation: Infotainment Team Member
Languages Spoken: English
Piercings or Tats: Labret, Dragon on left leg, 4 leaf clover on left arm near my armpit. More ink to come!
Looking for: A snailmail pal, world pal, and new online friends.
Do you want new livejournal friends?: No Please, would rather write about my life to friends.

About Me: I'm Erich. I have lived in Missouri all of my life. I am very laid back, blunt and honest. I love my family and my friends, and love spending time with them. I work all week, and come home to spend time with family and friends, and take care of my cat Spice.

Hobbies/Interests: Camping, Cooking, Animals, Recycling, Our Environment, 4:20 Friendly, Music, Movies, Books, Rivers, Lakes, Cooking outside, Cooking shows and collecting recipes, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Football, Traveling, Festivals, Meeting new people from everywhere who have the same interests.

Music: So many so will only list a few.. I love almost all kinds of music. Music will always be my life. 40-s thro mid 90's music. I love music from the UK alot. Some of my favorite bands: Mushroomhead, The Grateful Dead, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Crystal Castles, The Prodigy, Ministry, Hank Williams III, Gravity Kills, Sublime, Stone Temple Pilots, Eminem, 8 Ball @ MJG, Lil Wayne.

Books: I don't have much time to read as i'd like to anymore. But I like the Sookie Stackhouse novels, the Harry Potter series, and various other books from Anne Rice, Mark Twain, Friedrich Nietzsche, and american civil war books.

TV: Soo many so will only list a few.. I don't watch as much tv as I did in the 80's. I love alot of 80's after school specials and citcoms way more than tv today. True Blood, Heroes, Weeds, How I met your Mother, Dead Like Me, BBC World News, Fox Sports, ESPN, Food Network, The History Channel, Attack of the Show, TNA Inpact, X-Play.

Movies: Soo many so will only list a few.. Cecil b. Demented, Natural Born Killers, Gods and Generals, The Midnight Meat Train, Hellraiser 2, Puppet Master movies, Back to School, The Breakfast Club, The lost boys, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, What Dreams may Come, Fight Club, Grandma's boy.

How many penpals do you have?: None right now.

Favorite Drinks?: Pepsi, RC Cola, 7up, Un sweet and sweet iced tea, many flavors of Gatorade, Bud light, PBR, Capt. Morgan Spiced Rum, Hawaiian Punch, Coffee with milk.

Favorite Food?: Potatoes, and so many Veggies. If if it wasn't for me liking boneless chicken is stews and soups, and Beef I'd not eat meat at all. Pastas, grainy foods, cheese cake.

How many pen pals do you want?: As many that will write me.

What are you looking for in a pen pal?: Someone who wants to be my friend either by hand written letters and or on networking sites. Someone who will want to write me for awhile, that is cool with reading about me vent about my life, and that likes receiving small gifts in the mail.

How long are your letters?: First one a couple pages long front and back. Later on letters I
like to send things from here in the mail. =)

How long are your emails?: Not very long. Just giving out my address mostly.

Do you hand-write or type?: Hand write only.

How long does it take you to reply to an email?: Less than a day.

Would you like them to be male or female?: Doesn't matter.

What race would you like them to be? : Doesn't matter.

What age would you like them to be?: 18 and up.

Where would you like them to be from?: Anywhere but Missouri. Love to have new pals from Canada, Europe, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

If you want you can send me a email to exchange info @ or contact me @
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