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a tea with two sugars kind of girl..

Name: carina crash
Gender: girl
Location: los angeles, california, usa
Occupation: alt photographer. model & performer
Languages: english & a bit of spanish
Orientation: pansexual

About me: i'm a 24 year old photographer, model and performer specializing in "fetish and the alternative" from los angeles.

Interests: johnny depp & tim burton, jeff buckley, letter writing, pen pals, fountain pens, anais nin, oscar wilde, androgyny, hedonism, aesthetics, bdsm, fetish, transgender & genderbending sensilbilities, helmut newton photography, tim roth, jude law, mice, pisces, kissing, love songs, love letters, victorian culture, 1890s london, 1930s paris, brassai, henry miller, dh lawrence, opium, brown paper cigarettes, marlene dietrich, corsets, codeine, fingerless gloves, veiled hats, silk ribbons, erotica, black and white stripes, musicals, opera, giuseppe verdi, unrequited love, eddie izzard, mini coopers, hello kitty, french cinema, queer as folk, rufus wainwright, suicide girls, vintage pornography, nerve & bizaare magazine, egotism, photobooths, my nikon fm2, black and white photography, collarbones and ribcages, cigarettes and chocolate milk, boys whos name begin with r, kissing with my eyes closed, traveling by train, personal diaries, starlet biographies, autobiographies, dreaming up illogical scenarios, jean-pierre jeunet, the opportune moment, trinkets, secrets, declarations of love, fountain pen ink, found objects, breakfast for dinner, coffee smell, city lights, falling in love with strangers, going to restaurants alone, single servings, reading at the bar, saying yes, organized chaos, used books, top hats, white bedsheets, messy hair and a perfect smile, counting jelly beans, waiting, chai tea, unexpected things, trembling, erotomania, obsessive-compulsive, remembering to forget, keeping the curtains closed -- documenting absolutely everything.

Hobbies: making the perfect cup of tea, bubble baths & champagne, breakfast for dinner, spending time with my chihuaha - dingo, collecting corsets & waist cinchers, adding to my body modification, reshaving my mohawk at 4 in the morning when i can't sleep.

Music: rufus wainwright, jeff buckley, the smiths, morrissey, the cure, dresden dolls, amanda palmer, martha wainwright, joan as police woman, siouxsie and the banshees, the creatures, rasputina, peter murphy, nick cave and the bad seeds, birthday party, kmfdm, bauhaus, the germs, x, billy idol, pet shop boys, crowded house, depeche mode, dave gahan, david bowie, cherry vanilla, soft cell, marc almond, cyndi lauper, duran duran, simply red, psychedelic furs, simple minds, the human league, abc, madonna, robbie williams, radiohead, ewan mcgregor, jane harrocks, kiki and herb, judy garland, marilyn monroe, edith piaf, cello, french love songs, antony and the johnsons, bryan ferry, roxy music, edith piaf, nina simone, franz schubert, verdi, puccini, maria callas, placido domingo, the metropolitan opera, the gershwins, gilbert and sullivan, cole porter, film soundtracks, broadway sensibilites, cabaret, music boxes and harpsicords

Movies: gattaca, tape, swing kids, dead poets society, snow falling on cedars, memento, trainspotting, closer, croupier, velvet goldmine, nora, moulin rouge, pulp fiction, legend of 1900, henry and june, captives, amelie, insomnia, blow, from hell, dead man, chaplin, restoration, home for the holidays, chances are, only you, music from another room, great expectations, before sunrise, hedwig and the angry inch, party monster, nightmare before christmas, bent, sleepers, the wisdom of crocodiles, immortality, existenz, waking the dead, ma vie en rose, les miserables, wilde, interview with the vampire, quills, inventing the abbotts, enemy at the gates, final cut, midnight in the garden of good and evil, the perfect husband, vatel, the million dollar hotel, deceiver, hamlet, beautiful girls, jennifer 8, dangerous liasions, the dreamers, before sunset, lord of war, city lights, lenny, lovesick, heights, talk to her, amores perros, my own private idaho, long island expressway, bad education, y tu mama tambien, things you can tell just by looking at her, fixing frank, the devil is a woman, dinner at eight, grand hotel, mommy dearest, tristan and isolde, sonny, the libertine, operation petticoat, charade, my fair lady, sabrina, the misfits, the prince and the showgirl, shortbus, batman begins, american psycho, a very long engagement, delicatessen, the city of lost children, brief encounter, bringing up baby, life is beautiful, philadelphia story, the hottest state, the pillowbook, the tiger and the snow, the fountain, breaking and entering, la moustache, the white countess, the good german, copying beethoven, children of men, fur, the painted veil, half nelson, notes on a scandal, stay, another country, unconditional love, first snow, factory girl, amazing grace, scenes of a sexual nature, love in the time of cholera, goya's ghost, la vie en rose, lady chatterley, lover, wings of desire, tarnation, fat girls, stardust, dedication, sunshine, breakfast on pluto, enduring love, sweeney todd, the ballad of jack and rose, lars and the real girl, public enemies

Books: Anais Nin diaries & novels, Henry Miller novels, Oscar Wilde works, henry and june, the hottest state, ash wednesday, tommy's tale, belinda, the sleeping beauty trilogy, seduction: a portrait of anais nin, little birds, delta of venus, the picture of dorian gray, orlando, jude the obscure, the girls, tess of the d'urbervilles, great expectations, audrey style, marlene, honey, ladies and gentlemen lenny bruce, a wished for song, the sexual life of catherine m, waiting, dizzy and jimmy, tallulah, hedonism handbook, bombshell, devil's knot, permanent midnight, i fatty, perv, the girls sappho goes to hollywood, the sewing circle, little girl lost, a cast of killers, the last days of marilyn monroe, blue angel, darkly dreaming dexter, dearly devoted dexter, dexter in the dark, the erotic life of anais nin, salad days, the golden girls of mgm, love without, saint morrissey, a spy in the house of love, incest, dream brother, linotte, rosebud, the black dahlia files, interview with the vampire, collages, tea, strapless, century girl. vegan cookbooks

TV: six feet under, dexter, true blood, queer as folk, carnivale, the tudors, autopsy, real sex, cold case files, the new detectives, unsolved mysteries, the l word, rome, house, califorination

Penpal Info:
How many penpals do you have? a few that i've been writing to for 10+ years.. i'm a long time letter friend. i won't write once and disappear.
How many penpals do you want? as many as willing, i certainly won't turn anyone away. :)
Do you want email pals? no email please
Do you want snail mail? yes, only.
How long are your letters? usually several pages long. a good read. i like to talk about my life and the interesting things i am doing and i hope you do too. i'd like to know what you're up to as well.
Do you handwrite or type?
Reply time?generally within 3 days
Would you like your penpal to be male or female? no preference
Where would you like them to be from? no preference
Age preference? 18+ please.

What are you looking for in a penpal? Someone "open minded" with an appreciation for the avant-garde in life would suit me just fine.

Last Words: here's a link to my myspace profile. for photos & more information for those who may be interested. i also have a facebook profile.

~ i'm leaving for jamaica on friday for a week and i'd love to have some new friends to write to on the beach!

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